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Grab a new foothold into the fastest-growing customer pool right now with Mobile advertising as it offers the highest chances of being seen by the target audience as compared to some traditional digital advertising methods.


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When a user looks for a specific product or particular service on his mobile device, then he has 75% more chance of acting upon it, which makes it so important to leverage a mobile PPC advertising. At TIS India, we attract and convert new customers by creating highly-effective mobile ad campaigns which are focused on the mobile user’s experience. So, let us help to connect, attract, and engage traffic and turn them into buyers.


Mobile Ads are Easily Accessible

Our mobile phones are by our side most of the day and an average user spends over an hour per day on the top five social media sites while tapping, swiping and clicking their phone over 2.5k times a day. So, this accessibility of phones ensures that users can easily see mobile ads.


Hit Right on Target Audience

However, consumers engage in different devices throughout the day. But mobile devices are here to provide the most accurate understanding of their interests, media preferences and behaviours so that we can build precise target audience profiles. So, we can deterministically identify that every person we reach is a real, verified user.


Cost-Effective Method

Next, mobile advertising is more cost-efficient if it is compared to other marketing platforms that mean more customers can be reached by spending less money. Therefore, this is quite a helpful method for businesses on a tight budget.


Higher Conversion Rates

Mobile doesn’t just dominate traffic in today’s scenario but it caters to the advertisers with the higher conversion rates as well. So, this is a big chance for the advertisers to catch the eye-ball of their potential customers on their most used device i.e. smartphone.

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