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Unlock valuable insights with our free social media analysis services. Our social media experts help you generate qualified leads from social media while analyzing the newest social media trends.


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Analyze Consumer Behavior, Market Trends, Competitor’s Performance, & Consumer Perceptions on Brand

Social media marketing is gaining tremendous importance across the industries. And in an environment where better ROI has due importance, it is imperative to quantify and measure all social media activities to monitor the effectiveness of social media investments. With our social media analytics solutions, we help organizations analyze the effectiveness of company communications and customer interactions on different social media channels to enhance the brand's performance


Market Overview

As we all know, markets are dynamic and fragile, and to keep your business stay ahead of the competition; you have to have a complete overview of the market and its trends. At TIS, we provide an extensive market overview to help you to be on your toes to make decisions.


Competitor Tracking

The marketplace today is full of tricky competitors. Therefore, tracking a competitor and his activities has become the basic norm of any Industry. So, our competition analysis helps you to exactly plan your next move against the competition.


Consumer Behavior

Consumers are being targeted by the brands consistently, and their decision making is also unpredictable. Therefore, it is imperative for brands to predict the behavior of consumers with data and to encourage them to stay loyal constantly, and at TIS, we make it easy for you.


Identify New Opportunities

Identifying the darkest area and converting that into a new opportunity is a smart move, and we will help you identify the new opportunities by tracking the competition's new offerings, as well as by analyzing consumer feedback and architecting new services/offerings.

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